Wednesday, 28 August 2013

FINAL winter sport day - Friday 30th August

Kia Ora all

Tomorrow (Friday) is the final day for winter sport.
We have teams competing for all placings from 1st/2nd matches through to 7th/8th.

There have been a couple of changes of venue due to the unavailability of the HOCKEY fields as Hospital Corner.

The draw is as follows:

  • Football -   Year 5/6 A  -  V   Sumner     Carlton Corner  2    3rd / 4th  1:30pm                                              Year 5/6 B  -  V   BYE - but traveling for training game  
                         Year 7/8 A  -  V  Beckenham   South Hagley 5         5th/6th    1:30pm                                                   Year 7/8 B  -  V   St Michaels  Carlton Corner S1      1st/2nd   1:30pm  

  • Netball -     Year 5/6 A  -  V   St Martins        Hagley Courts 21    3rd / 4th  1:30pm                              Year 5/6 B  -  V   Linwood Ave   Hagley Courts 29     3rd / 4th  1:30pm
                            Year 7/8 A  -  V   Belfast               Hagley Courts 2     1st/2nd     1:30pm
                            Year 7/8 A  -  V   North Brighton   Hagley Courts  19   9th/10th   1:30pm

  • Hockey-  Year 5/6 A -  V     Hoon Hay    Canty Agric Pk  F     3rd/4th  1:30pm                                           Year 5/6 B -  V     Burwood    South Hagley hockey field   7th/8th  1:30pm

                         Year 7/8 A -  V     Rudolf Steiner    South Hagley 1   3rd/4th  1:30pm

Please note:

5/6 Hockey A team are playing at the Canterbury Agriculture Park off Curletts Road, where the annual SHOW is held. Also the home of Canterbury Rugby League.

5/6 Hockey B team were originally down for the same venue but will be traveling to the NEW hockey fields near the old sale yards (where soccer is played) on SOUTH HAGLEY park.

Maps can be accessed here.

1. Click here

2. Click on MAPS

3. click on maps under FRIDAY FINALS - HOCKEY

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