Monday, 21 October 2013

Kauri Athletics

The weather doesn't look too good at the moment, but we are doing a sunshine dance in anticipation of a fine day.

Given the current wet weather, the following applies:

[1] The organisers (Grant and Danny) will meet early tomorrow morning (6:30am).

*    If it has continued to rain overnight and the forecast is for rain throughout the day - we will make the decision to postpone the event to FRIDAY.

* If the rain has stopped and it looks to be clearing up and the forecast is for sun, we will make a decision as to whether we will begin a little later eg 10:00am.

[2] Any decision will be put on this blog by 7:45am

[3] We will then endeavour to place a message on the school answer phone system, once we learn how to do it.

Please don't assume that it will be off if it is a little wet. Unless notified students should come prepared for a day of athletics.


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